Planning for the Future

What should you be doing do now to prepare for the future?

Planning for the future, financially speaking, is a very tricky thing. The first thing to do is consult a financial advisor. Whether you currently have a lot of money, or just a little, they will be able to help set you on the right path. The rule of thumb is typically that fee-based advisors are better than those who earn commission.

When considering planning for your future, your current income level plays an important role in your future plans. Are your plans constrained because you aren't currently able to pay for the things you want or need? Here are some interesting ways to earn more income.

Aside from speaking to a financial advisor, another thing you can do is come to grips with the reality of your current situation by using the free Smart Financial Planning Spreadsheet. It takes a little bit of time to fill out the spreadsheet, but once you do, it will show you:

Try it today! Did I mention it's free?

Personal Finance Spreadsheet

Download the Smart Personal Finance Spreadsheet. It can help you organize your financial life by giving you a snapshot of the current state of your finances, thus helping you make better decisions about how you spend, save and earn money.